Miscellaneous legal documents

Alongside the standard sales and credit documents, the notary can also help you with official agreements relating to other matters.

A residential tenancy agreement, a commercial lease, an agricultural tenancy, sales of shares, the purchase of a business, mediation.

You will, for example, have to use the services of a notary for:

- a lease for a period longer than 9 years;
- long leases or the creation of surface rights;
- creating an easement (right of way, for example)
- making an enduring power of attorney in the event you should become incapable of managing your property yourself;
- recording your declaration of exemption from execution or attachment if you are a sole trader and wish to protect your family home from your creditors
- recording a swap agreement. For example, Mr Z wishes to swap parking places with Mr Y.

These are just a few examples of the many other legal transactions that the notary can help you with.